In 2005 Peggi Lepage hung up her model heels to become a model scout. Peggi’s unique life experience has made her the perfect role model, and a friend to the talent that she scouts and develops. She has since guided Toronto’s brightest new faces and experienced models into successful careers. Her models are placed with Toronto’s best modeling agencies and internationally with agencies that are world-renowned.

Whether it is arranging test shoots for her models, or workshops to help them advance their skills, Peggi has personal relationships with all her talent, and is there to help them blossom and navigate their careers. Coming from a background as a successful model, Peggi understands the nuances of the modeling world, and offers advice that comes from years of experience in the industry.

With a personal approach and a clear understanding of the difficulties and excitement that a model will feel, Peggi is able to offer insight and management that is unique and personalized to each person she represents. She guides a model’s career with a gracious and artistic flair, drawing on her experience with clients and talent.

Peggi’s strong support system, patience, honesty, and her friendly smile have made the relationships with her models genuine. Her models see Peggi as their most trusted source of advice, as well as a mentor.

Photography: Mark Mainguy

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